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At Upward Performance, we want you to know it is time to dream big because you deserve a better life and a rewarding career.

About Upward Perfpormance

The ultimate goal is to engage and empower our clients in discovering how they can maximize their potential in their career, becoming an entreprenuer or devolping strategies to evolve their business.

Through our proven and effective methodology, you’ll learn how to turn your glass ceiling into a sky! 

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The coaching methodology is primarily focused on your career management and designed for continuous process to achieve full potential and get prepared for the future.

​​​​​​​The success of our strategies can be seen through our Founder, Jennifer Logan accomplishments:

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Upward Performance created career coaching methodologies which are focused on expanding your knowledge, skills and abilities in Entreprenuership and Leadership.  As a student with Upward Performance academy you will have access to a host of resources and training for job seekers and aspiring leaders. 

Career Coaching

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Upward Performance is focused on helping you making your way up on the corporate ladder, overcoming every step and challenges. We are focused on pushing you to the next level, so that you can become more successful, both personally and professionally.

Leadership Academy

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Upward Performance offers various tools such as building PowerPoint presentations, Flyers, Business Plans, Logos, Business Proposals, Human Resource Playbook,  Infographics, Contracts and so much much! Our founder has many years as a leader of billion dollar companies; as well as, resources to strategically outline your career and business for optimal growth. 

Business Services

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